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Simplify Hygiene Tests With FreshCheck

Confirming Cleanliness with Colour Change

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Key advantages

FreshCheck is a leading innovator in monitoring hygiene and safety, providing a simpler and safer alternative to ATP and conventional Microbiological monitoring across a broad range of industries. Click on the link below to take you to your industry-specific page.





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Patented Colour-Change Swab

Results in under 30 seconds

Using FreshCheck’s unique and patented colour-change swab it is possible to monitor the hygiene and safety of your equipment and working environment. The Hygiene Verification System works in the visual range so there is no need for expensive and fragile luminometers, saving on equipment and maintenance costs. The swab also gives a result in under 30 seconds, making it faster and lower cost than conventional microbiology, allowing you to release equipment and lines into service instantly.

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Monitor Results In Real Time

Using Our Free Mobile and Web App

Coupling FreshCheck’s tools with our simple and easy-to-use app provides you with a digital system that instantly generates reports and trend results from any Android or iOS device. Our powerful desktop portal enhances this functionality and means that the data is available anytime anyplace.

The app and software are all free of charge and can be downloaded below.

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Need A Custom Solution? Our Team Can Help

If you don’t have an Android or iOS device available, then the team at FreshCheck will be happy to try and find a solution that meets your requirements.

The system works in real-time both on and offline giving outstanding flexibility and convenience.

As the results are seen in the visual range, you can also use any paper based system to record the colour change without the reliance on any hardware.

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FreshCheck Compared to Competitors

The FreshCheck colour-change swab is a patent pending product that is as sensitive and accurate as ATP.  The FreshCheck swab is sensitive to residual and potentially dangerous organic debris. This allows you to accurately assess cleaning procedures to improve efficiency and stop wasting money cleaning areas that are already safe.

The swab is food safe and stable for 6 - 12 months at ambient temperatures. Which makes it uniquely easier to use and store than ATP for all our customers. Simplified storage also reduces wastage and energy costs as there is no requirement to refrigerate the product and no waiting for the swabs to reach ambient temperature, allowing instant use.

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Unique Colour-Changing System

Our unique patented system uses a small form factor swab to reduce storage space requirements. It also makes the swabs easier to carry and use.

Our patent pending quenching agent reduces the risk of false positive results from residual sanitisers - a common problem with ATP systems. The quenching agent also works against a wider spectrum of sanitisers and detergents which reduces the risk of false positives and negatives when compared to current hygiene verification tools. The versatility of our system means the FreshCheck swab can be used across all sectors.

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Reduces The Risk

FreshCheck uses its own unique biochemistry to detect bacterial and food debris contamination. The FreshCheck swab has been tested against ATP tools and has been shown to offer the same sensitivity to contamination.

In the real world, the pass / fail threshold is all most companies actually need to know, and the clear-cut pass / fail criteria reduces the risk of operatives “STRETCHING” the pass/fail boundaries when the result is “only just a fail” on numeric criteria. By providing a clear pass / fail result this reduces the risk of hygiene breakdown, the failure to meet audit requirements and failing to meet the standards of a due diligence defence.

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Due Diligence In Food Safety

The Food Safety Act states that a business has a due diligence defence if: ”They carried out reasonable checks of their food in all the circumstances” FreshCheck is a key step in demonstrating Due Diligence.

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