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About Us

FreshCheck was founded in 2015 by John Simpson and Alex Bond – PhD alumni from Imperial College London. The initial research looked to use siderophores that are excreted from microbial cells, as markers of microbial contamination.

The 1st commercial product from FreshCheck was a colour-change hygiene verification spray that was evaluated by Campden BRI and found to be a unique solution for the testing of large surfaces. Field trials into test markets in 2019 resulted in limited production runs for specific customer markets and the feedback resulted in the integrated FreshCheck Hygiene Veficiation System consisting of:

  • FreshCheck Swab Device

  • FreshCheck App


Meet The Team

Alex Indv.jpg

Alex Bond


A PhD alumnus from Imperial College London, Alex studied the Chemical Biology of Health and Disease. He has worked in the food hygiene industry for over 6 years and has managed industrial trials and product rollout.

John Indiv.jpg

Dr John Simpson


John is also a PhD alumnus from Imperial College London and studied the Chemical Biology of Health and Disease. He has previously managed a laboratory group in Singapore and managed his PhD group at Imperial College. John oversaw the development of FreshCheck’s first product offering – a colour-change spray for confirming hygiene – and subsequently manages the technical development of FreshCheck.


Mark Tolson

Sales & Marketing

A graduate Microbiologist Mark has worked as a Microbiologist for over 35 years in the Food industry, both as a Production Microbiologist and as a director of large Commercial and Contract Laboratories in UK Europe and Middle East. Mark worked with the first commercial ATP systems and has supported a wide range of industries in providing technical support in Hygiene and Microbial Risk.


James Wragg

Customer Service & Sales Assistant

Over 15 years of experience in the food hygiene industry within major food and beverage producers, as well as at commercial laboratories. James offer technical expertise to those looking to implement new hygiene tools, and is always happy to discuss more advanced needs.


Dr. Tashfia Ahmed

Senior Scientist

Tashfia has a PhD in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering. She has a wealth of experience in developing and refining complex devices for medical and consumer settings. As Senior Scientist, Tashfia is responsible for the development of new FreshCheck products.

About Us: Our Team

Yasmin Gariba-Hamilton


Yasmin has a Master's in Chemistry from King's College London. She has been working on improving the sensitivity and specificity of FreshCheck's colour change tools for over 2 years and plays a crucial role in new product research and development.

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