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  • Alex Bond

4 Ways FreshCheck's Digital Tools Help You Monitor Hygiene Testing Results in Real-Time

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

In the world of food production, maintaining hygiene and food safety standards is a fundamental principle in safeguarding public health. Consuming contaminated or improperly handled food can lead to serious illnesses, such as food poisoning, botulism, or even E. coli infections. By maintaining high levels of food hygiene, businesses can significantly minimise these risks and protect consumers.

Hygiene testing

In this blog we are going to explore how FreshCheck, a leading innovator in hygiene monitoring, has revolutionised real-time testing with its unique colour-changing swab and corresponding digital tools.

1. Instant, User-friendly Testing

With FreshCheck's unique colour-changing swab, hygiene testing is as simple as swab, observe, and interpret. You'll receive the result within 30 seconds – no need to wait for lengthy lab tests. The corresponding FreshCheck app is intuitive and user-friendly, designed for anyone to use, regardless of technical proficiency. Simply upload a timestamped photo of the test result and it is automatically logged in your reporting timeline. Our powerful desktop portal enhances this functionality and means that the data is available anytime, anyplace.

2. Real-time Reporting

To maintain impeccable hygiene standards, constant vigilance is necessary. FreshCheck's app not only provides instant results, but also allows you to track these results over time. The app generates real-time reports, allowing you to spot trends, identify problem areas and take immediate action if necessary. This leads to improved decision-making and proactive hygiene management.

3. Cost and Time Efficiency

Using FreshCheck's digital tools reduces the need for expensive equipment and lengthy microbiological tests. You save on equipment, maintenance costs, and most importantly – time. The quick results let you immediately release equipment and production lines back into service. Plus, there's no need to wait for swabs to reach room temperature, allowing you instant use.

4. Customisable Solutions

One size rarely fits all, and FreshCheck understands this. You can create custom plans, suitable for your specific needs and industry requirements. Whether it's high-intensity cleaning by shift, area-specific, daily, or protocol-based testing, FreshCheck's system can adapt to fit your exact needs. The sample plans automatically download directly to the FreshCheck App, so you'll be up and running in no time.

Simplified hygiene testing

FreshCheck's digital tools not only simplify hygiene testing but also provide an efficient and effective system for maintaining the highest hygiene standards in your business. Our system provides a level of flexibility and convenience that is unmatched. With the added bonus of real-time, user-friendly reporting, FreshCheck ensures you have all the information you need, exactly when you need it, to keep your food production safe and up to standard.

FreshCheck Recommendation

For those in the UK food production sector, where maintaining high levels of cleanliness is non-negotiable, FreshCheck's tools are an invaluable asset. These innovative solutions represent a significant stride forward in the hygiene testing industry, combining simplicity, speed, and precision like never before.

Contact FreshCheck

Maintaining impeccable hygiene standards isn't just about meeting regulatory requirements; it's about ensuring the safety of your customers and the quality of your products. FreshCheck is here to support you in this crucial mission. Join us in embracing the future of hygiene testing. Get in touch with us to explore how FreshCheck can make real-time hygiene monitoring a reality for your business.


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