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Evolving Standards: Understanding and Implementing BRCGS Issue 9 in Food Hygiene and Safety.

Embracing Change

With new standards emerging in the food safety sector, it's imperative for businesses to adapt quickly and effectively. BRCGS Issue 9, the latest handbook from the British Retail Consortium, sets out the modern benchmarks for food safety and traceability. It's not only a guide but also a tool for gauging the quality and safety of food suppliers globally. As companies strive to align with these newly introduced standards, FreshCheck offers innovative solutions to streamline the setup and testing of CCPs.

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The New BRCGS Issue 9

The BRCGS Issue 9 is a comprehensive resource impacting approximately $800bn of product sales worldwide. Its influence is significant, with global organisations like the International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe encouraging its adoption to strengthen food safety systems and meet regulations. The scope of the Standard is broad, covering product safety, authenticity, legality, and quality.

Adherence Benefits:

Adherence to Issue 9 provides numerous benefits to businesses and their customers, including a consistent standard for accredited audits, evidence for due diligence requirements, and assurance that suppliers are practising good food safety management. It also encourages the completion of corrective actions and preventive measures to address non-conformities within the site’s product safety and quality management systems.

Certification Advantages

With BRCGS Issue 9 certification, companies can gain global recognition, simplify the audit process, and reduce costs. They also gain access to a host of tools to drive ongoing progress and have the flexibility to develop audit programmes that suit their operations. FreshCheck's solution to hygiene monitoring helps these standards become more achievable, by monitoring and promoting better hygiene and food safety practices.

Understanding Clauses 2.9 - 2.13 of Issue 9

Clauses 2.9 - 2.13 of the BRCGS Issue 9 handbook have significant relevance to FreshCheck and the solutions we provide. These specific sections underscore the paramount importance of comprehensive and effective hygiene practices within food handling and production facilities, and appropriate monitoring of them . They highlight the need for robust CCP verification methods and the informed and correct use of cleaning products, aligning with FreshCheck's mission to make unseen contamination visible.

Proactive Measures

In particular, these clauses support the integration of proactive measures for identifying potential risks to food safety and quality. They also endorse the utilisation of innovative testing methods for confirming the effectiveness of cleaning procedures, a key aspect of FreshCheck's offerings. We align with the spirit of these clauses by facilitating a more proactive, accountable, and thorough approach to hygiene management. With our help, businesses can confidently meet the benchmarks set by these clauses, demonstrating due diligence while optimising their hygiene practices to ensure the safety and quality of their food products.

FreshCheck and BRCGS Issue 9

We not only support businesses in meeting these new guidelines but also in promoting a culture of rigorous hygiene practices. Our hygiene verification solutions offer robust evidence of due diligence, while our focus on user-friendly and real-time testing aids in swiftly identifying and addressing any non-conformities. Our commitment to continually enhancing our solutions means that we're ready to adapt to evolving standards like Issue 9. This commitment ensures our clients stay at the forefront of food safety and hygiene management.

Partnering with FreshCheck

Navigating new food hygiene standards can seem daunting. With FreshCheck, you have a partner that understands the complexities of these guidelines and can help your business implement them effectively. As you rise to meet the standards set forward in BRCGS Issue 9, we're here to help you exceed expectations and set a new standard for food hygiene and safety in your industry.


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