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  • Alex Bond

Remote Access for Auditing Made Easy with FreshCheck's Digital Platform

In the food industry, the auditing process plays a critical role to ensure that food products are manufactured, stored, and transported in ways that maintain their quality and safety for consumption. Audits typically involve an in-depth examination of a facility's operations, including a review of various documents such as process flows, control plans, and quality management systems. Auditors also conduct on-site inspections to verify that practices align with the documented procedures. While traditional on-site audits remain fundamental, the integration of digital tools like FreshCheck’s platform can significantly add value to this process. FreshCheck’s innovative system brings a new dimension to auditing by offering remote access to a food company’s historical hygiene data, thus enriching the value and effectiveness of audits.

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Audits and Hygiene Testing

Regular testing, as part of a comprehensive hygiene strategy, ensures consistent monitoring of cleanliness standards. The use of FreshCheck's colour-change swab provides accurate and quick results, essential for reliable hygiene testing. By training staff in the importance of hygiene practices and the use of FreshCheck's user-friendly system, companies can maintain a high level of hygiene awareness and competency. FreshCheck's digital tools empower staff at all levels with the confidence to manage hygiene standards effectively, transforming the audit process from a daunting task into an integral and positive aspect of the team's routine, fostering a culture of responsibility and continuous improvement in food safety practices.

FreshCheck’s Digital Tools

FreshCheck's platform is tailored to meet the evolving needs of the food industry. It provides a cloud-based solution for storing and managing hygiene testing data across various test points in food production facilities. This remote accessibility to historical data is crucial for auditors who seek comprehensive insights into a facility's long-term hygiene practices, supplementing the findings of physical audits.

Historical Data Analysis

The integration of FreshCheck's digital platform into the auditing process offers a complementary layer of analysis. Auditors can remotely review historical hygiene data to gain a broader understanding of a facility’s hygiene trends over time. The access to data also proves invaluable for auditors in their pre-visit research, allowing for a more targeted and informed on-site inspection, and serves as a critical tool for post-visit follow-ups to monitor improvements and ensure that recommendations have been effectively implemented.

Streamlining Multi-Site Hygiene Oversight

For food companies operating across multiple sites, maintaining consistent hygiene standards is crucial. FreshCheck’s platform centralises hygiene data from all locations, offering auditors a bird's-eye view of company-wide hygiene practices. This centralised approach is particularly beneficial for preliminary assessments and follow-up evaluations, ensuring uniformity in standards and practices across all operations.

FreshCheck Recommendation

FreshCheck's digital platform is significantly enhancing the traditional food safety auditing process, adding a complementary layer of data capture and historical records. By providing auditors with remote access to historical hygiene data, the platform adds depth to the auditing process, enhancing its efficiency and comprehensiveness. Embrace the enhanced capabilities of your auditing processes with FreshCheck. Discover how our platform can provide you with the insights needed to uphold the highest standards of food safety.


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